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Between the rows of the Wallrodt Library

25 June 2024 y.

How to decipher the hidden meaning of stained glass?
What is the silence of the library?
Where does a secret path lead?
Why on the spice of the cathedral mermaid?
Look for answers in the third series of virtual tour "Cathedral: hidden signs, secret doors."

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In 18th century Europe, there was only one secular public library located in a religious institution. This is the book depository of the Wallenrodt family in the Cathedral: it was there that one could find rare editions of the 15th and 17th century. It was there that Albertine professors and students came, as well as scientists from other countries. A three-hour conversation between the Russian writer and historian Nikolai Karamzin and Immanuel Kant took place there. What it led to and what the interiors of the library look like today - the third and final series of our virtual journey will tell. 

The project is implemented by the winner of the "Common Cause" competition of the "Effective Philanthropy" charity program of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.