Support the Cathedral

The Cathedral is an architectural monument of the 14th century and a symbol of the city. Today it houses a museum and a concert hall. Near the northern wall is the memorial burial place of Immanuel Kant, the founder of German classical philosophy.

Connection with the philosopher, a Gothic building of extraordinary beauty, the largest organ complex in Russia make the cathedral a point of attraction for Kaliningraders and guests of the city. Many visitors, having just got acquainted with this place or coming here again, feel the desire to somehow support it. For these purposes, donation boxes are installed in the hall, which are regularly replenished with new contributions.

But today the tradition of donations is reaching a new level. We decided to make this process more comfortable for everyone. Now the deposit can be sent to the account of the Cathedral, simply by clicking on the   button.

With great gratitude to everyone, we will send all the contributions and good wishes to the maintenance of the historic building as it has been for many years - inexpressibly beautiful and giving strength and inspiration. To each.

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