The museum is located in the house of the Protestant pastor Daniel Anders in the village of Veselovka (until 1945 - the settlement of Yudtshen), where from 1747 to 1751 Immanuel Kant served as a home teacher for the children of the pastor.

The museum exibition tells about the life and scientific activity of the philosopher. The museum presents documents related to Kant's friends - Schrötter, Keyserling, Moterby and the families where Immanuel Kant served as a teacher.

Among the exhibits are household and religious cult items, Kant's works published during his lifetime, engravings dedicated to the philosopher, his paintings and sculptures.

The museum acts as a venue for seminars, lectures, events and meetings with the local community. The museum is located in the cultural ensemble of regional significance "Ensemble “The estate of the pastor of the parish Yudshen, associated with the life and work of the philosopher Immanuel Kant, XVIII-XIX centuries. "

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