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What is silent by the organ

21 May 2024 y.

From the second series of virtual tour "Cathedral: hidden signs, hidden doors" you will learn: why the body is called the king of instruments, as I spent time in the Cathedral of Ernst Theodore Amadeus Hofman, what kind of music sounded on the last pre-war concert and who is Han Tungsten.

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The organ complex in the Cathedral is a unique phenomenon for Russia. It is formed by a small choir and a three-storey large organ weighing 35 tons. 8525 pipes in 122 registers. Vibrations from infra- to ultrasound. If you have not yet thought about the organ as "the greatest instrument created by human genius", after getting acquainted with the Cathedral, you will definitely understand everything.

The project is implemented by the winner of the "Common Cause" competition of the "Effective Philanthropy" charity program of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.